>unintentionally funny headline.

>Just had to share this. It’s from the Drudge Report:

6 Locations Raided in Anna Nicole Probe...

Reallllllyyyyy… (wink wink nudge nudge)

Sorry to those offended by my using the dead for humorous content. Get over it. It’s my blog,. Get yer own.

Voulez-voulez-vous I need more material these days…

One thought on “>unintentionally funny headline.

  1. Merujo

    >I smile when I go over to AJ’s blog and see photo of the pile of goodies he bought for his cramptastic woman. The way things are arranged, the Anna Nicole headline reads “Secrets from the rave” rather than “Secrets from the Grave.” I want to hear the rave secrets!”Pssst! Glow sticks, man. It’s all about the glow sticks.”


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