>Wednesday Haiku’s

>David actually sent this one after I left for my doc appointment yesterday:

She’s leaving early,
Didn’t get her daily meal,
One will be waiting

(David gives me daily post-its with cute little food items that I am forbidden on this keto diet thing…I came in to 3, all of which, combined, make “ants on a log”. Thank youuuuu David!!)

David re: his lack of sleep due to being a W.O.W. junkie:

Barely functional,
Working by instinct only,
Coffee I treasure.

Ed re: HIS lack of sleep due to being a W.O.W. junkie…:

Sleep I Do Not Need
Just Three Hours And All Is Good
Yes Worth It For Sure

Phil re: Ed:

“3 hours”– Ed, you lie!!
“All is good”– you don’t fool me!
WOW has claimed your soul.

Andrew: Re: being the sick little monkey that he is:

Kittens Puppies Kids
Chainsaws Daggers Guns and Knives
Goals Money Oh My

David’s ode to Phil:

Scuffy face smiling,
Belly full of Top Ramen,
Makes a happy Phil.

David’s ode to Ed:

Online jedi-knight,
High level killing machine,
NPC’s fear him.

Heather’s ode to her new puppy:

Wimper Wimper Bark
Oliver had to potty
4 times in the night

Andrew’s ode to himself:

Nyquil, Ibuprofen
Coughing resistant to cures
Headaches pain no sleep

Andrew’s ode to me re: my doc appointment in the morning:

She tilts she wobbles
The floor avoids her poor gait
Must Do own work now

Awww…they’ll miss me. =’)

Voulez-voulez-vous Haikuz

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