current project

i’d love to sit and write something interesting (such as the “clock” phenomenon which i’ll have to make a note to write about at a later time) but instead i’m going to post mask photos to help illustrate why i haven’t had writing time and also post them while i’m thinking about it. masks i’ve already completed or sold can be seen here

So, these two are the result of combining Fimo and gold enamel paint. and a lot of patience (most notably rolling Fimo into long, noodle like strands and dozens of little tiny beads then adhering them one at a time, then baking, then painting, then sleeping…)

The following photos are severals shots of the two I am working on now.
My fingers hurt. Ow.

in case you are still interested in the haiku saga, i’m working on compiling all 349 of them into a single document for easier leisurely reading. a short haiku-collective publication is in process at the behest of some of my coworkers. they see real potential here. and possible royalties.

voulez-voulez-vous sleepy.

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