With friends like these, who needs Ben-emies?

So. I work in a somewhat creative environment.

Working in a creative environment comes with its perks. It also comes with its people. People that over time and proximity and deadlines and angst you just naturally develop friendships with and feel like you can trust.

Or, so you thought.

We use Skype a lot at work. Mostly because we need to be able to communicate *and* be productive, and since most of us have mastered the fine art of chat multitasking we have managed to healthily integrate it into the workplace in a beneficial way.

Well, mostly beneficial.

Enter Kyla:
Kyla: This is why you don’t allow your co-workers to be your Facebook friends:
Kyla: (this is Ben by the way)
And posts a URL to the following photo:


For those of you who do not know Ben, he no longer wears glasses, has since ditched the gold chain, and the hair has been disciplined.

The response was immediate and almost audible amidst the cubicle farm. Squeals, laughter, exclamations of “Oh my GOD is that his real hair?” could be heard. It was horrible yet awesome.

And then I suddenly sense that my officemate is up to no good.

– “Ummm…what are you doing?”
– “I’m making Ben disco in Photoshop!”
– “Oh dear lord…”

She then sends this into the group chat, titled “BenJammin'”


Quickly followed by:


It was at this point that a collective lightbulb went off over the heads of everyone in the office who had Photoshop. Which is pretty much all of us.

The LOL’s and laughing emoticons continued (one even muttered, “your tears sustain us”…brilliant). The creative director made inquiries as to who was in charge of color-correction on this project and gave them a perfunctory ‘thumbs-down’. Suddenly you begin to hear offset loops of “Ben” by the Jackson 5 wafting through the open spaces…it was diabolical.

Not to be outdone, Rob kicks Ben Morrison in (obviously resolving the color correction issue):


Which, of course, receives instant accolades. I suddenly decide Annie is my best option for the Ben-Meme project so I toss mine into the pot:


Finally Ben starts to receive some sympathy but he decides to goad us into more, so QA chips in…


Then the design leads. “BenHemian Rhapsody”.


Then QA again. “Ben Simmons”.


And then the boss speaks up: “New rule: If you can’t adjust the color in Photoshop so Ben doesn’t look orange, you don’t get to play.”

(For the record, I *totally* fixed mine…)

To sum up the conversation:

BC: I didn’t think the orange mattered 🙂
Rob: Not if you’re doing an Ompa-Lumpa.
Shauna: challenge accepted!
Rob: (chuckle) I knew someone would take that and run with it.

So, here we go. Epic.

oompa loompa Ben

It *was* noticed that 1) no color correction was needed for his face, but also that 2) his eyebrows weren’t white. And since we aim to please…

oompa loompa Ben-whitebrow

So there ya go. If you were ever wondering what we do to take a break, unwind and unleash some stress once in a while around the office…well, we turn on our own in a fit of betrayal and mockery.

Thanks for being such an awesome sport, Ben. And thanks Kyla for exploiting your peers. 😉

(At about 8:00 I noticed this popped up; apparently Chase from QA put in some overtime. Enjoy.)


Voulez-voulez-vous Oompa Loompa Doopity doo…


This, by far, wins the day. Received this morning via Skype. Ben Ross. Brilliant.
(I love my coworkers…)


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